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REJEnerAXion: the second workshop on Industrial Relations in the Clean Energy Transition will take place in Rome

30 mag 2023

Fondazione Di Vittorio - the italian REJEnerAxion partner and project coordinator - will host the event on June 16th.

The second transnational meeting of the European project REJEnerAXion (Energy for a just and green recovery deal: the role of industrial relations in the energy sector for a resilient Europe) will take place in Rome on June 16th.

This project aims to analyze and strengthen the role of innovative industrial relations structures, including social dialogue, in addressing the key challenges and opportunities presented by the transition to clean energy at both national and European levels.

The event's objective is to share the significant findings from the interviews conducted thus far with the research team and stakeholders. These interviews primarily focus on two key areas:

a) Understanding the impacts of the energy transition on employment, skills development, work quality, work organization, and regional and territorial development.

b) Identifying driving factors, obstacles, and opportunities to enhance cooperation and mutual learning among partners, supporting the role of industrial relations and social dialogue in facilitating a just transition towards clean energy.

The agenda for the day will feature expert speakers from Italy and across Europe, enriching the discussions with their valuable insights.

The event will be streamed live on the REJEnerAXion YouTube channel

Agenda_REJEnerAXion_Rome 16.06
Download PDF • 968KB

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